Energy saving blinds? What are the best options to save your energy bills by utilising the best blinds for your home that will actually save you money! This can be a minefield due to the large amount of misconception and down right misinformation in the marketplace.

Essentially there are two ways to minimise your energy costs when it comes to blinds (and awnings) and that changes depending what season you are in. In winter you want the sun to come in during the day to warm your home, but insulating the window in the evening or on a day where there is no sun is optimal. In summer you likely want the opposite!

In the winter time, Honeycomb (sometimes called cellular) blinds are the most versatile and effective blind to limit thermal transfer into and out of your home. Working on the same principal to the insulation in the walls of your walls and measured by the same industry standard “R Value”, watch this video for an explanation.

In the summertime, you can either deal with the solar energy before it enters through your window or after.Awnings will block that energy from the outside, honeycomb blinds or the new koolblack screen blinds will help you control the solar heat gain experienced when the lights enters into the room.

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