Are you wondering what we’ve been up to lately?

Well, glad you asked… It sure has been a busy few months.

Seems like everyone was getting their windows ready for the summer season, doing what they can to battle this year’s heat. And we sure are glad that the nicer weather has finally decided to show its face.

One of our favourite projects was the installation of two outdoor awning solutions at a beautiful residence in Werribee. Wanting to get more out of their outdoor space and maximising the useability of their decking areas (the main deck in the back and a smaller deck on the side of the house), the owners made the right call by contacting Bayside Blinds and Awnings to discuss their options.


Our helpful staff worked closely with the owners, discussing various outdoor window-covering solutions that would maximise outdoor living comfort and space. From different types of awnings to the exhaustive selection of fabric options available, our staff covered pros and cons of each, and together arrived at the superlative solution of using two different awnings, customised to perfectly suit the needs of each space.

To cover the huge main deck in the back, this property was fitted with a Cabrera XL awning, perfect for the broad width and long projection needed to provide cooling shade over the entire area.


The awning is fully automated, having been fitted with the reliable German designed, engineered and manufactured Becker motor, making it a breeze to extend and retract it as needed. For further comfort, the awning can be partly extended to only cover a section of the decking, shielding the outdoor dining table for example, while still being able to enjoy some afternoon sun.


The side deck provided a bit of a challenge, due to its narrow width and long projection needs, however, thanks to years of experience in the window-covering industry, a solution wasn’t far away for our team. The FA45 model provided the perfect answer for this space, as (thanks to its cross-arm feature) it enables a larger projection on a narrow width awning, creating the same outdoor comfort and shade solution as offered by wider awnings. Of course, this was also fitted with the German engineered Becker motor for fully automated comfort.


Even though both awnings are wind rated, for further peace of mind, both awnings are fully protected by a motion sensor, which automatically retracts the awnings if winds get too strong. So even if no one is home, the awning will take care of itself by retracting automatically, therefore preventing damage to itself, the house or any person nearby.


Using the same hardwearing, stylish and French Dickson Orchestra fabric, which further accentuates the property’s beachy and welcoming feel, ties the two different awning models together, creating a consistent and harmonising look, which is further matched by its timeless black hardware.


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