Honeycomb blinds, otherwise known as cellular blinds and sometimes referred to as pleated blinds, are an innovative product that insulate your window all year round. Have a look at the photo below of a Honeycomb blind in the down position.

As can be seen in the photo the fabric opens up to allow the cells to expand. The cells then contain air that helps act as a natural insulator. In addition to this natural insulation, the layers of fabric used to create the cells also act as a thermal barrier inhibiting the heat flow coming through your window in summer, and conversely trying to get out of your window in winter.

The two biggest retail markets for honeycombs are in Tasmania and Canberra, two of the coldest climates in the country. The residents in these areas long ago adopted the concept of cellular blinds to improve livability and help keep ever rising energy costs down.

One of the most crucial measures of a window coverings ability to insulate, or any other home insulation product for that matter is its R value. Below is an extract of the R value achieved by our Turnils range of Honeycomb blinds.



1. NFRC 102 -2010, Test Procedure for Measuring the Steady-State Thermal Transmittance of Fenestration Systems.

2. WES 1584, Test Procedure of Thermal Transmittance of Window Treatments and Movable Insulations.

What is R value? We found this excellent YouTube that explains R value in relation to fiberglass insulation for walls. As you will see, it relates directly to Honeycombs and explains the roll of air inside fiberglass insulation, or in our case you can relate that to the air inside the honeycomb cell, in insulating your window.



Thermal Benefits

Honeycomb Essence fabric provides superior energy efficiency. The fabric has three fabric faces and two air pockets that the heat must pass through, increasing the product’s ability to keep heat in the cold out.

Honeycomb blinds are 100% polyester and although they look quite delicate, they are actually extremely durable and even washable if need be, perhaps to remove a coffee stain.

Being 100% Polyester the blind naturally repels dust but when the need arises the blind can be easily cleaned with a vacuum on a low setting. Another unique feature of our honeycomb blinds is the variety of the way they can be operated.

As pictured, these blinds can be either raised from the bottom like a traditional blind or lowered from the top of the window. This is referred to as a top down bottom up blind.


The ability to drop the blind down from the top of the window is ideal for windows facing a street or busy road where you would like to maintain privacy but still let in natural light.

This is particularly well suited to a bedroom or bathroom environment where natural light and privacy are an ideal combination! For Bedrooms the Honeycomb fabric is available as a full block out. Translucent otherwise known as light filter fabrics are also available.

The graphic below illustrates the range of operations and shapes available for Honeycomb blinds.


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